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Potential Industries When Looking For Oregon Investments

California is usually the first state that we think of each and every time we talk about the west coast of the United States. The state of Washington which is the home of Microsoft would be the second state that comes to mind if we are going to talk about the West Coast, ad lastly Oregon. With this being said, Oregon does not get its duly deserved attention due to the fact that it is situated I the middle of two huge noteworthy states.

Although this might be the case Oregon is now steadily rising to fame in a number of different fields, in business, industries and many more. This particular fact is the very reason why Oregon could present a potential solid invest to any capitalist be it a venture or resident capitalist. Below are possible investment opportunities that can be found in the state of Oregon.

Aviation mechanics Investment Opportunities

What is the first thing you can think of whenever Oregon airport comes to mind? Portland International Airport PDX maybe the most popular answer to this particular question as it caters many different flights both domestic and international. Oregon however is home to 6 different airports with connected flights so as to provide convenience to passengers arriving and departing on each of these airports. Listed below are the six commercial airports handling passenger flights.

1. Portland International Airport widely known as PDX.
2. Eugene Airport commonly known as EUG.
3. MFR also known as Medford Airport
4. OTH(North Bend Airport)
5. PDT(Pendleton Airport) PDT
6. Lastly RDM(Redmond)

Portland and North Bend Airport are the only two airports on the coast, it is still however unclear on the way Portland is listed as coastal when the fact is it is located inland. The reason for this is probably because Portland has a direct access on a Coastal Highway whereas the other five airports have a rather tangling approach on the west part of the shoreline.

Therefore if you are looking for investments in Oregon probably consider aviation mechanic shops, due to the fact that the state has six different interconnected airports and will probably offer more work than you can handle. You should also know that aside from the 6 large airports present in the states there are still other smaller Regional airports present in the state which imposes a lot of opportunities when setting up aviation mechanic shop investment as you will not only get a chance to outsource repair and overhaul of larger airlines but with the smaller regional ones as well. It is a potential investment gold mine that you can tap on.

Hospitality Opportunities

Although this topic might be a little bit taboo in most states, Oregon now declares recreational use of cannabis as legal. For this reason there has been an increased in the tourism of the West Coast. This is another investment that you can tap on.